Jenelle Evans pregnant: Is “Teen Mom 2” still the size of the waist training?

Jenelle Evans has shared a bizarre post on Instagram this week.

Almost two months after the announcement that she and her boyfriend, David Eason, are expecting their first child together, the third for Evans, the teen mom 2-star questions posed by a photo of themselves sharing the waist trainer size.

“Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy – when fans were hardly shocked when the pregnant mother Teen Stern 2 shared this workout the image best waist trainer size on Instagram:” In Touch Weekly Thursday reported. “Fortunately, this is a quick return to the days before she had a child.”

Shortly after her pregnancy announcement, Evans showed that she had suffered a miscarriage in Us Weekly.

“I had an appointment with [the doctors Dr. Peter Weiss] while I was in LA for the meeting [Teen Mom 2], and I said,” My endocrinologist says I’m pregnant, I need to know what’s going on ” , He recalled, according to one in touch Weekly Report. ” Well, we have an ultrasound, we have a urine analysis and we have a blood test. They are not pregnant. ”

“When I got home, my endocrinologist said,” Well, looks like you had a miscarriage, “she reveals.” So, in fact, instead of my time, I thought I had a miscarriage a month before I was pregnant has been. And that is when everyone thought I was pregnant at the beginning with the waist trainer. “